Monday, December 13, 2010

Season 1 results

The battles have been fought, salt levels have returned to normal, and the results are in! The final tournament results are below:

Super Street Fighter IV

1st. Sid (Gen, Fei Long) PP+200 G+50
2nd. Ralph (Cody, M. Bison) PP+175 G+50
3rd. Troy (Zangief) PP+150
4th. Phil (Ken, Akuma) PP+125
5th. Travis (Chun li) PP+100

After adding in these final points, we can now name the champions of the Bonham Rd Fight Club ranbats season 1! Look below to see our winners and the prizes they took home for placing:

1st place: Ralph Robinson!

2nd place: Sid Cox

3rd place: Phil Gracik

4th place: Troy Bowers

5th place: Travis Fulwider

Thank you to everyone who participated and donated their space and equipment so these fight nights would be possible. I hope everyone had a good time and will be back in the future.

Check back here early 2011 for news on the next season of Bonham Rd Fight Nights!

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