Monday, December 20, 2010

Fight Club Season 2 details

We wanted to share some details on how season 2 of the Fight Club is going to work.

This season will consist of "living" tournaments. Meaning that the tournament will always be going on.

So how does that work?

After signups for this season's tournaments close, brackets will be created and will be posted on the blog here. It will then be your responsibility to get in touch with your opponent and have your battles.

This should make things more convenient for everyone since we wont have to meet as a group as often and battles will be able to take place online. We will still meet occasionally for tournaments for extra points though.

So where do I sign up?

Right now I'm waiting on suggestions for tournaments for this season. The obvious selections include Super Street Fighter IV, Tekken 6, and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 when it releases this February.

Note that we are still limiting participation to residents of the tri-cities area for the time being.

Consider this your chance for pre-registration. If you want to participate in these tournaments or if you have suggestions for additional tournaments, please email the following information to

1. Your real name
2. Your screen name/nick name/whatever you want to go by in the brackets.
3. The best way to reach you (This information will not be posted to the public, but can possibly be revealed to your opponent if they are having trouble reaching you for your match. Please give us something useful, I don't want your hotmail account that you haven't checked for 6 years.)
4. The games you wish to participate in. Please only sign up for games that you have access to. You don't have to own the game, you just have to have the means to play it, such as a friend.
5. Suggestion for games to play. We will consider all suggestions. The main criteria is basically how available the game is for everyone to play. If it's rare, then we'll at least play it at a group gathering.

As always, if you have any questions, contact me at

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