Sunday, October 10, 2010

Round 2 results

The results are in for round 2 of the 2010 season.

Thanks to Troy for hosting our event. Everyone had a great time and I hope we can hold more events there in the future. Also thanks to everyone who pitched in for pizza and beverages.

Results for these tournaments are below. Be sure to check out the Season Standings page to see your overall points.

Super Street Fighter IV

1st. Ralph (Bison, Ken, Sagat) PP+150 G+60
2nd. Sid (Fei Long, Gen) PP+125 G+30
3rd. Caiti (Ryu, Ken) PP+100 G+40
4th. Travis (Chun li) PP+75 G+20
5th. Hoss (Ibuki) PP+50
7th. Randy (Dan, Guy) PP+25 G+40
7th. Phil (Ken) PP+25 G+30
9th. Matt (Ryu) PP+20
9th. Troy (Dudley, Zangief) PP+20
9th. Guy Amazing (Gen) PP+20
9th. Spoonman (Dan) PP+20
13. Kyle (Ryu, Guile) PP+15

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

1st. Randy PP+150
2nd. Travis PP+125
3rd. Guy Amazing PP+100
3rd. Phil PP+100
5th. Sid PP+75
5th. Spoonman PP+75
5th. Caiti PP+75
5th. Troy PP+75
9th. Ralph PP+20
9th. Kyle PP+20
9th. Matt PP+20
9th. Hoss PP+20

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