Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Player Spotlight: Caiti Blevins

It's time once again for our weekly player spotlight! Thanks to Caiti for answering our tough questions :p

Name: Caiti Blevins
Gamer Tag: DblFistdFuschia
Birth Date: 04/24/1986
Likes: Connor and Liam, Netflix, Eating, Talking.
Dislikes: Injustice/Intolerance, Commercials, Indigestion, Grammar errors on the internet involving your and you’re, as well as there, their, and they’re.
Favorite Food: Very hard to choose, between Chinese, Salad, Or Some form of Potato.
Favorite Fighting Game: SFIII: Third Strike.
Favorite Fighting Game Character: Chun Li, probably. Don’t play her, but she’s cool.
Location: The Dojo

When did you start gaming? When I was around 6 or 7, when my parents got my sister and I Game Boys.

When did you start playing fighting games? When I met Ryan, around October 2000.

What was your greatest memory involving fighting games? Street Fighter Halloween Party 2009.

Who do you feel is your biggest threat? Myself.

If you could make a movie game out of any movie, what movie would it be and what would the game be like? Harry Potter. It would be an MMORPG, with missions being like classes, and the story independent of Harry and the gang’s. Of course that would be happening, but they would be the NPCs driving the main plot. The houses would be like races or guilds. I could see this being very fun.

What fighting game special move do you wish you could do in real life? Teleport, even if it’s only a few feet away. I’m lazy.

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