Sunday, September 26, 2010

Round 1 results

The results are in for the first tournament this season!

I think everything went well, I hope everyone had a good time. Next time we'll keep both tvs going for the main game so it'll go through much faster. We'll be sure to have the sub games picked out too.

Below is how everyone placed and the season points received. Check the standings page for your totals and achievements received.

Super Street fighter IV

1st. Ralph (Bison, Ken, Sagat) PP+150 G+30
2nd. Sid (Fei Long) PP+125 G+20
3rd. Phil (Ken) PP+100 G+20
4th. Caiti (Ryu, Ken) PP+75 G+110
5th. Guy Amazing (Gen) PP+50 G+40
5th. Troy (Zangief) PP+50 G+20
7th. Hoss (Ibuki) PP+25 G+30
7th. Travis (Chun li) PP+25 G+40
9th. Scott (Blanka) PP+20
9th. Spoonman (Dan, Akuma) PP+20 G+20

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