Thursday, September 30, 2010

Player spotlight: Travis Fulwider

It's time once again for our weekly player spotlight! Thanks to Travis for sitting down to answer the questions on everyone's minds...

Name: Travis Fulwider

GamerTag: Vik Vinegar

Birth Date: 05/03/1983

Likes: Music, Wings, Video Games

Dislikes: Arrogance

Favorite Food: Gold Rush flavored wings from Wild Wing Café in Asheville NC

Favorite Fighting Game: Tekken 6

Favorite Fighting Game Character: Killik from Soul Caliber 2

Location: Allyson’s Place

When did you start gaming? I started gaming when I was 6 years old and my Dad bought a NES for my sisters and I. He tried to hide it, but accidentally left the game he rented for himself on the dining room table. It wasn’t his finest moment.

When did you start playing fighting games? I played my first fighting game when I was about 9. It was an old arcade cabinet at a Food Lion with Street Fighter on it. 2. I chose Ken solely on the fact he had blonde hair. I lost on the second match.

What was your greatest memory involving fighting games? My favorite moment was the first time I ripped someone’s spin out in Mortal Kombat. That was a good day…

If you could play a fighting game match with anyone on earth who would it be? Also, if you could get in a fist fight with anyone on earth who would it be? If I could have a match with anyone on Earth it would be attorney Jack Thompson on Super Street Fighter 4. I honestly think I could make him cry. If I could fight anyone on Earth, well it would be Jack Thompson. I suppose that would prove him right though.

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