Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July Disc Golf Tournament information

It's July and our Disc Golf tournament has officially begun!

Where? At Steels Creek Disc Golf course in Bristol.

When? Every Saturday during the month of July. Meet us at hole 1 at 1pm. Things will get started around 4:30pm.

How much? Entry is $5. This fee will go towards obtaining the prizes and then all proceeds will be donated to the United Way for disaster relief.

How does it work? On the Saturday that you choose to compete we will play 18 holes at Steels Creek Disc Golf course and record your score. You do not need to show up every Saturday, just the one where you state you would like to officially compete.

At the end of the month everyone's scores will be compared and the top 10 will move on to compete in the final tournament. The final tournament will take place in one day. The top 3 players will receive prizes.


1st - 20 dollar gift certificate to the Steels Creek pro shop.
2nd - 15 dollar gift certificate to the pro shop.
3rd - 10 dollar gift certificate to the pro shop.

Check the rules and events pages above for specific game rules. We hope to see you on the course!

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