Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Be there for each other when no one else will be. Fight for Hope!

Here is a message from one of our founders, Troy Bowers:

People listen up! Most of you have probably heard that Glade Springs was denied FEMA support because the damage wasn’t sufficient enough. Be that as it may, we as a community can do something to help this. Donate what you can when you can, hold some kind of fund raising event. This Saturday my friends and I are hosting a Videogame Tournament (fighting games). We are calling it Fight for Hope! All proceeds (players pay to play) will go to Red Cross, United Way or any other charity that can help out in Glade Springs. It is times like this we have to come together as friends, neighbors and family. Sometimes in the end we only have each other and we clearly can’t rely on Government assistance for situations. Just by donating time, money or supplies you are making a difference! In the end this counts for more than you might realize, the smallest contributions go a long way. Spread the Word! Spread Hope!

Be there for each other when no one else will be.

Fight For Hope!!

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