Friday, April 29, 2011

How you can help our local victims of April 17th's sever weather system

On Wednesday evening, our region was struck with a severe weather system that included tornadoes, rain and lightning storms, and large sized hail. Needless to say, communities in south west Virginia received significant damage, especially the Glade Springs community. There were many injuries and unfortunately some casualties. Property damage is extensive leaving many people without a home in our region.

The Red Cross is on the front lines assisting people where they can, but they are always in need of help to be able to continue their service. Below is their statement on the event and also some contact numbers where you can hopefully offer donations yourself.

Red Cross Mountain Empire Chapter

The Mountain Empire Chapter is currently helping those affected by the early morning tornado in the Glade Spring/Chilhowie area. A shelter is currently open at Emory and Henry College in the gymnasium, and our Emergency Response Vehicle is serving meals to those affected in Glade Spring area. Several Damage Assessment teams are working in the area to assess damage and individual financial assistance will begin once the assessment is complete.

The Red Cross mobilizes the generosity of the public through our work on the frontlines of a disaster, but we need your help to ensure we can continue to be there. Please consider a donation today. You may donate online or by calling our chapter at 276-645-6650 and dial 0 for the operator. Thank you!

In addition you can also call the shelter itself in Emory at 276-944-6835 and ask for Elaine, Kelly, or Kristen. They say they need anything people can donate. Diapers in particular, but also need plastic forks, spoons, plates, prayers etc…

Due to these recent unfortunate event we are going to focus our May 14th event on raising money and items for the local Red Cross. In addition to entry fees, we will also accept other donations like the ones mentioned above (however please note that they specifically stated that they are not accepting clothing donations). For large donations, such as a full box of diapers, you will be admitted and also receive a Fight for Hope bracelet for your donation.

So spread the word about our event, or if you can't make it please make a donation to your local Red Cross today!

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