Monday, November 1, 2010

Fight Club Round 4 details

This Saturday will be the 4th tournament of the 2010 Fight club season. I'll try to have many more stations running so we should be able to get through a few games this time (hopefully anyway, but we'll still have a good time none the less.)

Everyone meet at 8pm at The Dojo (Ryan Blevins' house). Park your cars in the front yard or pull around to the back, but please do not block the entrance of the driveway so more cars can arrive/leave.

Be sure to bring the beverages and snacks of your choice. The rules for this location are as follows:

1. No smoking up stairs, please go out on the front porch as it can become stuffy quickly with people smoking. You can smoke downstairs if you like, provided the door to the outside remains open.
2. If a cat follows you inside, please grab it and put it back outside.
3. Don't forget your snacks and beverages!

Further house rules may be established as we arrive. Check the blog here or facebook often in case the destination changes, but you should be notified in advance if anything is different.

Be safe! See you there!

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