Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Player Spotlight: Troy Bowers

It's time for this week's player spotlight. This time it's Troy's turn to share his secrets!

Name: Troy Bowers
Gamertag: TheWalkingMeh
Birth date: 2/16/1984
Likes: Reading, friends, videogames, movies…life in general.
Dislikes: People… Most people really just irritate me..
Favorite Food: Chicken…
Favorite Fighting Game: MvC2 (on the dreamcast)
Favorite Fighting Game Character: Sagat, I like the characters story. He has more honor than most of the other fighters.
Location: The Lair….yeah I have a lair…deal with it

When did you start gaming? A long time ago, in a place far far away..honestly..that is past yesterday…so I don’t remember. I have been gaming ever since I could hold a controller in my hands.

When did you start playing fighting games? Now that I honestly have NO idea.

What was your greatest memory involving fighting games? Everything recently honestly, I have great friends who get together and hang out for the sake of just hanging out. Yeah we trash talk but it is all in good fun. I honestly couldn’t ask for much more

If you could develop a company vs. company game (such as Marvel vs. Capcom) what would they be and what would the game play like? Marvel vs DC, and from what I am seeing it should play like MvC3. I want to just see straight up battles between the Marvel and DC characters

If you could start living in any fictional universe (video game, literature, whatever) what would it be and why? There is a book that came out recently called Kraken. The world fascinated me from the end of the world threats, to cults who worshiped a Kraken. Then there was the people who worshiped anything that preserved life. The citymancers are what fascinated me the most, they used the cities stones, buildings and lights to use their magic. They could see into the inner workings of the city and from there they could locate and do practically anything. From working star trek phasers to fire that burnt time, the book had everything in it.

Theme song:

Thank you for your time Troy!

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